Social Media Response

Here’s What We Do

Think of us as your social media customer care department. Your online rapid-response team. We take care of your customers on your behalf using the latest web tools in the hottest social networks.

You’ve got enough on your plate, championing social media and convincing your company to embrace a customer-centric culture (more on that here). Let us do what we do best, for you:


Using a blend of several web technologies, we manage all licensing and updates of the best tools on the market. We optimize searches, keywords, sites and platforms.

Plug In

We dig in deep inside your company, becoming experts in your products, known-issues, promotions and culture. We collaborate via wiki to keep track of new info in real-time.


We create access points from top-tier customer service all the way up to the C-suite, setting protocols to advise on the latest Twitterstorm or just help out a customer.


We reply to every tweet and comment on every Facebook update, Yelp review, blog post, etc., according to pre-approved guidelines. We manage this workflow up to 24 hrs/day.


We treat the cause, not the symptom by considering the consumer motivations behind each individual comment, complaint or praise and address them directly.


Our team of digital pros is naturally passionate and savvy about social media. Skilled in the art of social customer communication, we’re pre-trained and ready to scale.

Here’s What Else You Get

In addition to improved customer retention and an overall increase in brand affinity and karmic bliss, we deliver customized reports and analysis in real-time.

Conversation Reports. How many blog posts? How many tweets? What percentage was happy, neutral or mad? When were the spikes in conversation, how long did they last, and how influential were they in moving the needle? Stuff like that.

Customer Analysis. Who’s talking the most? What are they saying? Are they all saying the same thing? How influential are they? Who warrants extra attention?

Here’s What it Costs

While our prices will be customized to your organization's unique requirements,
we can say that we'll charge more than a $200/mo. license for do-it-yourself
software but less than:

The cost of training your staff in social media (or head-hunting)...

the overhead costs of these employees, including HR,
equipment, space, taxes, insurance and benefits...

the cost of licensing software for monitoring, responding,
workflow and analytics...

the cost of watching your PR agency wrestle with your
ad agency over who owns social media.

For less than it would cost you to do all that, we'll provide more value at a fixed, monthly fee.