Social Media Response

The ROI of Social Media Response

Let’s forget all the hype about social media for a second. What we’re talking about here is the new form of communication. What makes this different from the printing press or the telephone is that these conversations are public and therefore, amplified.

Return on investment for businesses who choose to truly engage with their customers in social media will be experienced in three major ways.

Customer Loyalty & Retention.

We all know that new customer acquisition costs more than retention. Take care of your existing customers where they choose to voice their opinion and you’ll win loyalty. Not to mention, you’ll demonstrate a progressive attitude.

Amplified Good Will.

Help your customers in social media and most will sing your praises with additional tweets, comments and blog posts. At the very least, your public correspondence will be witnessed and appreciated by others.

Free Public Relations & Advertising.

Have you been reading about companies successfully engaging their customers in social media? Corporate adventures in social media continue to be the favored topic in newspapers, business magazines, websites and blogs. Isn’t it time your company was featured?

The Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Response

As ideal as it may be, not every company is set up to operate like Zappos. As social media grows and permeates communication and society as a whole, your company may not wish to restructure and restaff for it. In the current economy, you may have head-count issues or hiring freezes designed to keep fixed costs low.

For that matter, not every company should operate like Zappos.
Perhaps you serve your customers better by being the best CEO, CMO,
CIO, etc., that you can be 100% of the time. Same goes for your staff.
Transparency is critical now, but it can never come at the expense of
delivering value in the product or service you offer.

The debate rages on: Who “owns” social media? Is it PR? Marketing?
Customer Service? Answer: All and none of the above. You need a
specialized, integrated solution that can draw and feed from those
departments as needed to help your customers.

Social Media Response in Action

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