Social Media Response

Repairing Consumer Relationships

Trustworthy teams up with companies to listen and respond to customers in blogs and other social media.

Founded by Kirk Skodis, Holly Skodis, Rob Flemming and Travis Dent, Trustworthy is a Social Media Response company on a mission to repair consumer relationships by helping companies become more transparent and authentic.

Trustworthy monitors online conversations about a brand. Then a Trustworthy human being responds on the brand’s behalf, assisting customers by integrating with existing CRM. We send frequent reports and analysis along the way.

One of the best ways to find out how we think, what to expect, or just read more about social media response is by reading the Trustworthy Blog.

We’re Hiring: Are You Trustworthy?


An Agent helps consumers by being open and honest and tenaciously solving every issue until happiness is achieved.
- Human being.
- An innate understanding of social media and technology.
- Patience and understanding.

Account Director

The position of Account Director pulls double duty - making sure the Agents are doing their jobs, guiding and advising them while maintaining the constant connection with the company. This is a supervisory position and an Account Director might manage multiple companies and up to five Agents.
- An innate understanding of social media and technology.
- Cool under pressure.
- Multi-tasking Ninja.
- Customer Service background or understanding of corporate/consumer structure.
- Management skillz.

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